Oh My Moon and Stars...It's Back to ABA...To Stay!

"Just remember this 'OverDoSue'...NONE of this stuff comes back to the house...ever!"
"Got it, HiHoney!  Thanks for helping me move back in to my NEW Space at ABA!"
You might remember my OLD Space...back in 2011.
Wow, how time flies and collecting stuff keeps piling up and overflowing from house to someplace else!  My 2016 space is half the size of the 2011 space...for now!  No, really, I'm going to keep it small and not so packed...cluttered...yadayadayada!
NEW Space featuring 'Fall Ya'll' Stuff!
So here I go again...Back to American-British Antiques
 and another downsizing of collections.
Wish me luck...I'll need it to sell Amber Moon and Stars!
As much as I Love it to the Moon...it can't come Back...to my House!
(wink, wink)

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  1. I haven't been out there in several years. I'll have to check it out when I come to town in January.


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