Off The Back Burner

My Genealogy Blogs have been on the 'Back Burner' for almost two years.  Now with time to dedicate to the completion of the Fourth Generation of Georgia ancestors...I might be able to wrap up Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors.  That is not to say their 'Tracks' have ended...on the contrary...their tracks can and will be traced from Georgia across the Southern States to Texas. 
The Fourth Generation is the generation of my great grandfather.  It is entitled the 'Antebellum Era', and includes the histories of his siblings...my great aunts and uncles.  This era is set apart from earlier generations with the advent of better documentation through the US Census', newspapers, court records and the Civil War history.  All of those research tools have given 'The Fourth Generation' writings/stories details and facts to substantiate the history of their lives.  The following link will take you to Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors.
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  1. Bless your efforts to complete yours, I have not touched mine in ages. Your work is just wonderful.

  2. I love the word antebellum.........it just embodies a way of life. Good for you as you continue to dig deeper into your roots. Fascinating

  3. I've been doing my genealogy for while too. Right now I'm looking though the Philadelphia census of 1850 in hope to fine my 2nd great grand parents listed. I know they got married in 1849 of March.
    I only have time for one blog and every so often I share it on my reg blog.
    Coffee is on
    Coffee is on


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