Hello Kitty...

...I found you!
After years of searching through thousands of names in my Family Tree on ancestry...I found 'Kitty'.   Not on ancestry, but of all places...in my Aunt Irene's notes...

..."Frank Carroll -Tennessee (probably) brother of Steve Bennitt Carroll, visited M.J. Carroll in Treadway, Texas.  He was selling white Rotary Sewing Machines.  He had a handwriting as that in a penmanship school book.  Frank Carroll, on this visit, spoke of sister 'Kitty' whom Mary Ella Carroll favored - (physical resemblance)."

There it was, the name 'Kitty'.  I have read and re-read that paragraph many times.  I missed 'Kitty' perhaps because I was so intent on researching and trying to identify Abner Franklin Carroll, who Irene referred to as Frank Carroll.

The photo of Kitty is from my Great Grandmother Martha Jane Marley Carroll's 1900's Album, and has been on my 'Unknown' list for years.  All along I felt she had to be related to Great Grandfather Stephen Bennett Carroll, but a sister?  Not on his ancestry profile along with Frank and twin brothers Ely and Charlie.  The closest name to Kitty was the Carroll brothers grandmother Katherine.  So who is Kitty?  It's back to ancestry's search!

She was....Katherine Elizabeth 'Kitty' Carroll Arnett.  Born in 1884 in Dyer County, Tennessee.   Married Joseph E. Arnett on Christmas Eve in 1903.  Mother of daughters Christine and Reba and son Corliss B. Arnett.  Listed in US Census from 1910 through 1940 (last Census released).   On Find A Grave, she Rests In Peace beside her husband Joseph in Fairview Cemetery, Newbern, Dyer County, Tennessee.  Inscription on stone...married Dec. 24, 1903...no birth date, no death date, no links to any Carroll Family.  Kitty's husband died in 1961, daughter Christine in 1974, daughter Reba in 1989, and son Corliss in 1978.  No mention of 'Kitty' in any of their profiles after the 1940 Census.

What a mystery!  Even knowing her full name and year of birth, I have not found a single clue as to who her parents were.  After hours of researching any and all Carrolls who could possibly be her parents, I am considering the idea that Kitty may have been adopted by Stephen and Frank's parents Seymour Douglas and Julia Carroll. 

Their youngest son Frank was born in 1881, and after four boys, perhaps they wanted a sister for Frank to grow up with as his brothers were all much older.  Somehow that scenario fits the time period, Franks mentioning of her, and Martha Jane knowing Kitty as her sister-in-law.

What is even more promising from this scenario is the resemblance of Kitty's young picture (blurry as it is) to another 'Unknown' photo in the Album. Could it be that Kitty and her daughters came to Texas to visit Frank?
It could have happened! 


  1. look like strong women. Very interesting and you could certainly write a book - leap from what you know into the unknown. Very cool

    1. That's what I'm thinking....could have some interesting implications and twists in family history. Yes, they do look like strong women...wonder what they have endured...another plot twist.

  2. Mystery mostly solved!
    Very odd, but I have commented on your past posts and see that the comments didn't 'stick'. Another mystery!

    1. Your comments on Tracks of My Texas Ancestors are sent to my email for moderating before they are published there. Whereas, here on CollectInTexas Gal they publish immediately. I have it setup that way since I don't post and check Tracks as often as here. I hope that solves the 'non-stick' mystery! I love your comments...they always lead me to the next mystery to solve.

  3. Here, Kitty, Kitty. So, how is she related to you?

    1. If she is indeed the sister of Great Grandfather Stephen and Great Uncle Frank, she is my Great Aunt. Please, please let it be so. I want her to be the lady in the picture with the two girls. Otherwise, I may NEVER know who they are...thanks to my great grandmother not writing on the back of pictures....again!

  4. I have so many family pictures and no clue who they are. No one wrote on the back or attached anything to give me a clue and pretty much anyone that could tell me now is gone. I've tried to make sure my daughter knows who all the people are in the pictures in our albums or my smugmug account


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