I Shall Crochet Sea Shells...

...Oh, how I wish it was by the Sea Shore!

The best I can hope for here in West Texas is by the rocks and docks at Lake Nasworthy!   Not happening here in the middle of hot July!  It's hot enough sitting in my air conditioned nest with a lap full of yarn.  Not complaining, mind you...just sayin'.

Truth be told, for the last three months my 'Nest' has been a Yarning Shawl-A-Rama!  This Sea Shell Wrap is #6 to come off of my zippity-do-da J crochet hook.  Just started this in gray and black this evening.  These colors are not my favorites, but....I have this yarn!

These are my favorite colors and they are finished.  All for the Love of Crochet...and Shawls.  It's my Crochet World...at least while I'm on a Crochet Roll which has the potential for another 'OverDoSue Shawl-A-Rama!  My last 'Shawl-A-Rama netted 3 crocheted and 3 knitted shawl/wraps which I unearthed while re-organizing my Yarn-A-Rama Stash.  All six of them finished except for weaving in the ends, edging and blocking.  grrrrrr....not my favorite thing to do, so they got stashed in the my 'Scarlet O'Hara Bag'...you know the one that says, "Oh, fiddledeedee, I'll think about doing that another day."
Pretty proud of my 'Get Er Done-ness' on these three Triangle Shawls.  Did I mention there are two others in progress besides the Sea Shell one started today?  Yikes, there I've gone and fessed up to already being in a full blown 'OverDoSue' mode.  I blame it on getting bored with just one at a time, and justify it with, "Oh fiddledeedee, I'll worry about that tomorrow!"


  1. too hot indeed to do much of anything else. See my post - I'm wishing I was at the beach with my sister. She's in NC. Let's go hang there!

  2. 'these colors are not my favorite bu I have this yarn"... ah yes. How well I recognize those words! lol Your handwork is lovely!

  3. You can choose which color you want to work on, depending on your mood.

  4. They are all very pretty! Well done, Sue!

  5. I know the feeling--I don't like this color, but I want to play with yarn, and this is the yarn I have on hand.

    Don't you wind in ends as you go? I hate winding in ends, so when I finish a skein, I wind in that end as soon as I can so I don't have to do them all at the end.

    Who says you should work on one project at a time? If you start a bunch at once, that means that some time down the road you'll be finishing a bunch at once...

  6. You are brave. I lose all my ambition to crochet in hot weather. Check back with me in September. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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