I'll Be Brief...But Picturesque

It has been quite sometime since I've even thought about being 'Brief' on any subject I blog about.  Wait...I take that back...I do think about being not so 'wordy'...but then...well, you know...I get carried away....like now, when I've just stated 'I'll Be Brief'.   Then there are times when I have no idea what to blog about that will be interesting, relevant to anything and most importantly...reader worthy.

I think I have just embarked on one of those times with this 'I'll Be Brief' post. 

Quickly, just a few words excuses about my March Time Schedule, Blogging, Replying, Visiting or better yet, the lack of....
1.  Work schedule has increased from part time 4 days 4 hrs. to 5 days 5-6 hours.
2.  Writing AtoZ April Challenge posts ahead of time.  A thru I ...done...M,N,Q done...J,K,L,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z to go.
3.  Minion duties for AJ's wHooligans...see sidebar AtoZ Badges...still time to SignUp.
4.  Walking in and out of 'Pretty Space' Sewing Studio.
5.  That's enough excuses....don't you think?

Thank Goodness it's Friday...Ya'll have a great weekend!


  1. sounds like you have accomplished a lot. And the pretty sewing area is lovely. Enjoy your weekend too

  2. Cute post! :-) I know what you mean.

    Love your header!


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