How I Customize Blogger Background...It's March Madness!

Believe It or Not...This is the last change in Header, Background, Sidebar,
and all the rest of the Blog Design Stuff...
Until April 1st!!!
March Madness is upon us so it is a good time to have some mildly maddening messing around with Blogger Design Options.  Do you ever want to do that...mess with your Blog Design?  I am notorious for changing Headers and Sidebar Tags to fit a monthly theme.  As for the Background Design, I usually go with what Blogger has to offer in their selections ranging from Art to Travel.
But it's March Madness, right, so why not go a little 'Off the Deep End' and experiment with Bloggers Custom Background Option!  Yikes!!!  What if I March in there and MessItUp?  Guess What, Ya'll you can play around with it before APPLYING it to your Blog. 
Here's How I Customized the Background....
~Select a photo from your files.  I use Windows Live Photo Gallery.
~Resize the photo to the Gallery Option SMALL.  Enhance with the Edit Options...color, straighten, etc. and SAVE in appropriate file.  I have a file for each month...so it is in MARCH 2015.
~Open DESIGN Tab on your Blog.  Window will display this...
~Click on Customize...next window will show your current background image in a small box.
~Click on Customize...below the small box and follow instructions for downloading your photo.  It will not download if photo is not correct size.  You may have to adjust according to what sizing program you use.
~Once photo is accepted you have options for how it appears on your blog.  Mine is Center Aligned, Tiled and Unchecked box for Scroll with page.
Here is the  Photo I used to customize the Green Bead Background.
By changing the Alignment Options you get different views.
Remember...it's not CHANGED until you HIT....APPLY To Blog !
Have some March Madness Fun!


  1. I am so chicken! I don't change my header or background because it is a miracle I got it on there, ha! I also like it being the same so people recognize me, although not that many people follow or read my blog. I do mess with the side pictures and change out for the seasons. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Looks awesome, but I shall let you go March Madness. I'm with Ann above - totally chicken at messing with my set up. Maybe someday I'll go crazy. I did that with my basketball bracket pics. But when it comes to the magic internet....I'll look to you for variety.

  3. Hi Sue .. I must do something about my blog .. redesign etc ... I seem to be stretching myself somewhat at the moment ... thanks for the ideas here .. cheers Hilary

  4. You make it sound easy. Did you do a tutorial about the headers? I always like seeing your seasonal looks.


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