Sew Frazzled...So Glad!!!

If I were blonde...this would be me. 
Yep, my salt n peppery hair is frazzled!
My crown of Snippet Strings has spread to more places than my head.
Oh My Stars!  My Sewing Room/Studio...
...Looks like the day after the Day of The Dead.
Witch It Is!!!
Sew, I'll be baaaaack...when the 'Studio-mess' returns to...
...THIS...the 'Studio-neatness'.
Welcome November!
Here's a bit of November History.
In 1863, Abraham Lincoln, declared the last Thursday of November to be a
National Day of Thanksgiving.
I'm So Glad!!!


  1. Hi Sue .. always good to tidy up - but does take some courage to face the task. Good for you that November is studio-neatness time ... and yes weren't you lucky Old Abe gave you a Thanksgiving holiday just before Christmas time ... enjoy the run up - cheers Hilary

    1. Facing this tidy up task was a must after the Bag Sew Frenzy of October. I'll be ready to start again here in a day or so. Bags coming too.

  2. As one who seems to be in constant clutter and disarray, I know how much more inspiring a neat work area can be because you can actually SEE the possibilities.

    1. I can make the biggest mess when working on just about anything, but I can't start a new project in that mess. Today while re-organizing, I found stuff I had forgotten I had...kind of like getting something new...again!

  3. cute post as you transition from Oct. to Nov. I bet as you reorganize you are unearthing some treasures.
    It will be fun to see what pops out in the months to come. Take care

    1. I DID!!! How did you know??? Been there? Found stuff I forgot I had.


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