From the  DESIGN WALL to YA'LL...HoHoHo!!!
This really should be called the Stash Buster Bucket List Bag since the fabrics are from my UseIt or LoseIt Fabric Stash.  It also fits the 4R's Bucket List...especially the Re-Sale part.  I must admit, however, I have picked up a few fabrics to compliment and coordinate with the 'Themes' of the Sling Bags.  For instance...
The Western Sling Bag
Here are the properties... functions as a purse with a padded phone pocket embedded in the front panel.  Features a loop for hooking your keys which hangs from the interior strap on the same side as the phone pocket.  The inside has two 'Triangle Pockets' for separating your wallet and small make-up bag.  The entire bag has a layer of batting sandwiched between the exterior and the inside lining.  The strap is a comfortable width on your shoulder or can be carried on your arm with ease.

There are Themes for Pets and Vets.  My dog Dolly's Vet loved her 'Doggie Bag'.
Then there are the popular paisley and chevron patterns.  Let's call them 'The InThing Sling'. 
I'm working on more. 
The 'Made To Order Sling Bag' Fabric Options are in progress.
The Western Swing 'RideEm Cowgirl' is READY for Orders.
RideEm Cowgirl....$38...plus shipping.
To Order...email
payment and shipping options available.


  1. Hi Sue - they look amazing and so well thought out ... I certainly hope you sell masses of the Inthing Slings in the next few weeks ... cheers Hilary

  2. very clever. Good luck with sales.


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