SmartPhone Knitting

Counting Rows by chocolate sounds pretty yummy, but a 'Resolution Buster' in the proverbial 'Lose Weight' as the #1 New Years Resolution

I quit making New Years Resolutions years ago and switched to 'Goal Setting'.  Stuff like:
~Chocolates for Row Counting...M&M's instead of Snicker Bites.
~Increase M&M intake to 2+ per row rather than every 20 Rows.
~Reward self with a handful at the end of each sitting and knitting session regardless of length of session.  Double it if session is longer than 10 minutes.

Now that I look back and review these 'Knitting Goals' I see why I have dozens of  Knitting Works In Progress, Knitting Log Books full of 'Strikeout Ticks', and empty M&M bags littering the bottom of my Knitting Bag.  No wonder my jeans are too tight. 

All I can say is "Good Timing" on Santa's part with the gift of a new Smart Phone.  Yep, traded in the old one which Tim...sales guy...called a dinosaur and then quickly amended to 'Best of it's Time'...I must have given him 'The Look' cause I really loved that SmartAleck Phone.  At any rate, I'm finding that my new 'Smarter Phone' maybe my best bet for 'Setting Knitting Goals' in 2014 that will get me back in my 'Jeans' with ease.
FatFree Knitting Row Counter!!!
I have an APP for that!!!!
(Love saying that)
Also have an APP for Calculating Quilt Measurements...will save that for another
Tricks of My Trades Tuesday.
In the meantime, here are some Links about Knitting Apps.
Be sure and read the Descriptions and the Reviews before downloading.
iKnitty.com ... Apps list on Sidebar
hAPPy New Year!!!


  1. I'm so glad there are so many knitting enthusiasts around these days! Yay for technology!

  2. chocolate...it's all good, small bites or tasty bites.
    Happy New Year, Sue!


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