The Good Ole HiTech Turkey Days

"Those were they days...yep, The Good Ole Days"
HiHoney, do you remember the Thanksgiving we served 'Thanksgiving and Christmas?
You know Sue, funny you should mention those two birds, I was just thinking about them. 
Has it really been 20 years?

Thanksgiving 1991 will always be one of my favorite Turkey Day memories. 
In the spring that year, we were given two baby turkeys which I named Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
Being a practical country gal, it seemed the best thing to do was to feed out these two cute baby birds and have them ready for the Holiday Platters.
My, how things have changed in 20 years.  HiHoney and I no longer live in the country.   We still drive a Truck...but switched from Ford to a Texas Edition Hi O Silverado Chevrolet!  And thanks to the HiTech Dudes, we don't have to pull over in Rankin to use MaBell's Pay Phone.  Ain't It Amazin'!!!

This Thanksgiving we made the 'Good Ole Days Trip". 
You know, the "Over the river and through the woods" to somebody else's cooking!  
It's been several years since we spent Thanksgiving with HiHoney's Sisters. 
It was just like "The Good Ole Days"!
Since I didn't cook, I volunteered to wash dishes!

Yes, we are Thankful and Blessed!
Then and Now!
You know HiHoney, I bet in twenty years we will look back at Thanksgiving 2011 and say,
"Those were the Good Ole Days"!!!

PS...Christmas and Thanksgiving did make it to the Holiday Platters in 1991. 
HiHoney said they were the toughest turkeys he ever tasted. 
Me?  I could not eat a single bite of those cute baby birds!
We should have Pardoned them!

Thanks Beverly for Always Making
Saturday Pink!!!


  1. You're so right - how things have changed. Poor Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just bet they exercised their little legs off so that they'd be too tough to eat!

  2. Yep things change! Still so much to be thankful for!

  3. How funny! Cute photos!
    Our bird was golden brown and delicious and the gravy turned out! That's always iffy!

  4. Wonderful photos . . . wonderful post, Sue! I am with you on the pardon for Christmas and Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  5. I love your Thanksgiving post! Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday.

  6. You crack me up Sue! Love the Chinette dishes you didn't have to wash! Hee hee. I wouldn't have eaten those Turkey's either. We had baby chicks my dad bought each of us for Easter. They were different colors. Well, they weren't chickens they grew up to be roosters and my dad killed and cooked them for one Sunday dinner. When Mamaw Lena found out she put my dad in the dog house for killing our pets, and no one ate them. Well he did.
    Anyway, you two make a cute couple. Looks like it was a fun family get together. Hugs! ~Ames

  7. Anonymous11/25/2011

    Looks like back 20 years ago...it was cold and Wayne had a black mustache'...hee-hee! You haven't changed a bit!...except skinnier!
    Hugs "lilsis"
    aka ConnieMarie

  8. That is so darn cute to name those turkeys Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  9. Enjoyed your blog and the turkey story. I lived in the ole days. Some I would take back, but so many I can do without out. Because, of my life then, I appreciate what I have much more.

  10. Hi Sue.
    I volunteer to do those kind of dishes too. Did you actually kill Christmas and Thanksgiving??? Really??? OH NO
    Happy PS Sue from Texas
    Love Claudie from Canada

  11. Oh Sue I love your stories! You have such a way about doing things! I could not have eaten those birds either. A gal I work with brought some beef to work one day! I just knew it was poor Norman the cow they raised from birth! It was the hardest bite of something I ever had to swallow! I felt like I was part of the undoing of poor ole Norman!
    I see your dish duty was quite light! Ha Ha Ha!

  12. Anonymous11/26/2011

    Very humorous post. I liked the story and the dishes you offered to wash...well thought out.

    Happy Pink Saturday,

  13. Anonymous11/26/2011

    Happy Pink Saturday. Love your post. Sorry 'bout the "platters". I had a cousin who had a 4H steer. When the steer moved into the freezer, no one could eat him.
    Thanks for coming by my blog. There are even more and I think better treasures in my mom's books. She's always been creative. These, I treasure the most. She's hinting they'll be mine. I'm hoping.
    Thanks, again, Jenn

  14. Awwwwww, poor Thanksgiving and Christmas. We lived on a farm and pet turkeys were not allowed. That was the same rule for pigs and cows. However, we did have a pet cow named Blondie. She loved us and vice-versa.It all ended bad and and my dad was sad too. No pets on a farm is a good rule. Unless it is a dog. Even the cats were barn cats.

    I love your photos old and new. Thanksgiving with your sister-in-laws sounds awesome. No cooking sounds fantastic!!!

    Hugs, Jeanne


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