Ya'll know how I Like to MoveIt...MoveIt...MoveIt!!!

Since I got  'NeatONikon' I have been MovinIt!  Yep, I've moved stuff around on CollectInTexas Gal to the extent that I'm expecting an email any minute now from  'Blogger Buzz'.

It'd go kinda like this....
Dear CollectInTexas Gal...your blog has been Flagged and Tagged for 'Excessive Manipulation and Navigation'.  Due to the constant Stream of  MoveIts and ChangeIts on your Blog, our Blogger HiTekies are working overtime for a FixIt to turn OFF the Siren. 
 Please, NOMO MoveIt's!  

MovinIt Right Along....
As I was saying, since I got 'NeatONikon' the 'Pitcher Takin' has gone through the roof, literally.

Like this shot taken on a recent PTFT... 'PitcherTakin Field Trip'.

'Missin One' is to blame for some of the 'MoveIt Mess'.
 I had to move out the Aprons Page and move in the 'OFF The WALL GALLERY'

Now that I've brought up the PTFT...PitcherTakin Field Trip, let's MoveIt along that 'Directionally Challenged' Trip with HiHoney as the Driver and this GRIT as the UhOh...Navigator Mapster.

Sue...I can't tell a Thing about this map!

HiHoney....Twit! It's upside down!

Sue.....STOP!!!!  I wanna get a shot of the wildflowers.

HiHoney......That's a WEED!!!

Sue......When I get finished...it'll be a Thing of Beauty!  ZoomZoomZoom!!!

SEE More 'Things of Beauty' in the new 'COOL PIX GALLERY'.

Sue....STOP!!!! I wanna get a Shot of the Sheep!

HiHoney....Oh Yeah!  ZOOM in on the one on the left.


So, on down the road we go to Christoval and some shots of the South Concho River.

Turns out, HiHoney is not only a 'MovinIt MapMaster', but also a 'MovinIt Pitcher Taker'.

Thanks HiHoney for a FunPhoto Day! 

What Stress?

It's my Favorite Pitcher of the Day!

PS...Sorry bout the ONE Right Wrong Turn!

Perfect T-Shirt choice for the day!


  1. lol, love it!! Your pictures are be-u-ti-ful!! Sounds like you had a great day even with the wrong right turn! : )

  2. Great pictures and I love the way you have framed them. What program are you using?


  3. What fun and isn't a good camera an amazing thing! Glad you had fun.

  4. I've been telling myself I will eventually pick up a Canon, but you like the Nikon! Your pictures certainly seem to say it all! Very nice! Maybe I should steer towards a "NeatONikon" myself? Is it easy to use? ~tina

  5. Hi, sounds like a good time was had by all...I love the changes in your blog...I am like the other gal that asked"what program are you using?
    I wonder if you would mind telling me where you went to get your family program incorporated in your sidebar...I just cannot do html worth a flip...

  6. Hi Sue!
    Looks like you had a lot of fun! I've been taking my camera to school and shooting close ups of the kids - I have to make a long slide show. I really don't know anything about my Nikon. I'll learn.
    HiHoney is nice to pull over for you.

  7. My kinda day...and who could possible have stress while capturing a squatting sheep on film? Now my girlfriend and hh......it just don't git no better. XXMollye

  8. How funny- My husband finally understands my obsession with my nikon, but it died last week on a trip, only good for quick point and click shots, so I get a new one before we go to Spain, maybe sooner with a little snuggling and kisses...

    I am looking at your post below thinking how lucky I was getting one buzzard when I was home last summer and darn it if you did not get a whole darn tree full :)


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