RustIn Peace Pink Roses

Dear Dr. Rusty Rose…I think my FourBush Rose Garden has ’Classical Infestation‘…read that and thought it sounded serious enough to get your attention.
Now, you might not think Four Bushes a big deal, but hey, they are all I’ve got.
 In the past, HiHoney starts his Semi-annual BeHeadin and Butcherin before they get a chance to drop dead.
 This year, however, wanting to prolong the beauty and the blooming, I have let the dogs out with instructions to bite the hand that feeds them especially if that hand even closely resembles Edward ScissorHand. So far that seems to have worked, although HiHoney has been in the tool shed several times and comes out shaking his head.
 Plan B…hiding the shears in the dryer lint trap has been successful, too.
Now about the Rusty Roses. I’m enclosing photos of the Three Stages of Classical Infestation for your expert scruitinization…
okay…just take a close look, then.

Stage 2

Stage 3

Dear CollectInTexas Gal,
After close scruitinization and taking a close look, I have come to the conclusion that your Four Bush Rose Garden is indeed suffering from the Classical Dilemma...DDDS.
Among the Rose Experts, it is called DroppinDeadonDaStem. 
In the future, to avoid Death by Rose Rust….let loose the Butcher and put the dogs back on the porch.

PS…About Plan B! Thanks for the tip…I’ve looked everywhere for my shears!


Dear, Dear Readers,
I'm afraid this is the last of the Roses posts.  HiHoney is standing by, delinted shears attached, waving Dr. R.Roses' letter and BwaHaHa...ing at the Moon!  Dolly and Ruby are under the bed...the one with the sheets not the roses!

I'm so glad I captured the roses in their Classical DDDS period.  They truly are beautiful in death.

Be sure and stop by Beverlys at HowSweet The Sound.  Her Roses are still blooming and beautiful, and while you're out Smelling the Roses visit Rebecca at A Gathering of Thoughts.  She's this GRIT's neighbor in Oklahoma, and she has a beautiful blog...you'll love her Gathering Place.


  1. Sorry about your roses, but they are waaaaay too fussy for me! I dug all of mine out two years ago, and guess what... they keep trying to come back! What's up with that!!!

  2. beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday! Grace xoxox

  3. Awwwww, so sorry about your roses! But, Happy PS!


  4. I am sorry about the roses. My aunt and uncle had a rose garden in their yard and I wish I had been older and wiser back then to ask why the heck they did it! I have a climbing rose bush on the side of my house! That poor thing is lucky that I snap off the dead limbs and yet it comes back year after year bigger,stronger and prettier then ever! Happy Pink to you sweetie! Anne

  5. Well tell your honey now your roses are done you have to go visiting around the country and maybe even to Canada to see all the lovely roses. No roeses blooming here yet. Happy Pink and as always an amusing blog.

  6. Your roses look like mine but I have been too lazy to get out there and prune them. My hubby needs to take on the "butcher" role for a day or two. LOL
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Your roses were so gorgeous Sue..it's a shame they can't last forever. Happy Pinks..

  8. wow this is amazing post! you captured the beauty of the flower from that beautiful till its last day!.. amazing again.. happy PS

  9. Oh how sad...and funny! Hope you had a lovely Pink Saturday.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  10. Happy Pink Saturday (a little late!) Your
    photos are great. I have a brown thumb when it
    comes to roses! Have a great week.

  11. I am so sorry about your rose sadness. I am sure the two of you will save them.

    Happy Pink Saturday, sweet Sue. Thank you for introducing everyone to Rebecca.


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