Wordless Wednesday...Therapy-It's Complicated



  1. pretty colors and challenging design. Serenity on a Wednesday.

    1. Hi Joanne...you know me and color. Sometimes more than I can chew, but always a challenge. Yes, this color page started out to be a time line with each spiral section completed as progress was recorded on my husbands medical chart. It didn't take long for both to become more of a challenge than anticipated. Maybe one day I'll finish. For now it's complicated.

  2. I never got into the coloring craze of a few years back, surprisingly. I have many memories of coloring Venus Paradise sets (remember them?) sitting next to my Dad, who colored one of their more complex sets. When my late best friend, who was a cancer patient herself, went to her husband's chemo appointments, she would crochet baby clothes and blankets and then donate them to pediatric oncology patients. Her last gift to me (her husband survived his cancer but she did not survive hers) was a coloring set, because I had blogged about the Venus Paradise memory. I've never opened the set. I can not imagine the feelings your unfinished coloring project stirs in you.

  3. Oh the wine bottles are gorgeous. Today is such a throw away world. We recycle tons and it cuts back on the trash we have. It is so nice to see you. I feel like I never get around blogging to visit enough. I hope you have a wonderful evening and great weekend.


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