AtoZ 2020...Letter B Off the Top of My Head

Letter B...Baseball Bunt
     If you are a baseball fan or player, you may already know what all goes into the batting skill called bunting. 
     If not, then bunting could be one of Pinterests Bunting Boards for crafters.  Or you may be thinking about THIS kind of bunting.  Regardless of your knowledge of bunting, be assured every style requires a certain skill set.
In the setting of a baseball game the bunt starts with a batter stepping up to the plate.  Take a couple of practice swings.  Dig in and take a stance.  Waggle the bat a few times and right before the pitch........coach calls TIME OUT!
     There is a strategy to bunting for the batters ears only, so the coach gives his instructions quietly so the opposing players haven't a clue what is coming.
      It only takes a few seconds for Coach to remind his batter to do what was practiced and watch for his signals which are a routine of finger pointing, hat tipping, arm swings, and if all else fails shouting, "HIT the ball".  Of course the watching opposition dugout are well versed in this coaching strategy, too. 
Back to the Batters Box...goes through the practice swings, digging in, bat waggles and takes a stance that makes the pitcher think twice about throwing a pitch that will sail over the center field fence.
            So he throws first pitch low...ball 1...second and third pitch in the dirt...ball 2 and 3.
The batter looks at his coach who is pointing and tipping his hat in approval.
Next two pitches...right over the plate...perfect...heck with bunting...STRIKE 1...STRIKE 2.
Umpire yells out...FULL COUNT!!!
By now Coach is swinging arms, stomping on his hat and yelling...
BUNT the ball !!!
Next Pitch...Perfect Bunt...at least close enough...
...pitcher and catcher crash together...drop the ball...
...SAFE at 1st!!!
Coach is clapping and waving 2 fingers for 2 outs and What?
"STEAL 2nd"
SAFE on 2nd with a time out to chat!
Second Baseman, "Nice Bunt".
"Thanks, it was my First".


Alana said...

Our local baseball station is rerunning the 2019 season, in various "themes". My husband is going through withdrawal! I don't think one theme was great bunting of 2019. Don't give them any ideas....seriously, I tweeted and shared on Facebook.

Cerebrations.biz said...

Bunting is an art that is rarely practiced well. Even though these players are supposed to be professionals.

Frédérique said...

I'm not a baseball player, and I don't really know therules, but I love the Bunting Banners ;)
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