2020 AtoZ...Letter H...Off the Top of My Head

Letter H...Heddles

 Heddles are weaving loom needles and a weavers threading nightmare.  Multiply threading one needle by...let's be conservative and say 50....times 4 Harnesses.  Harnesses being the frames that hold top and bottom rails that the needles slide on.  Yes, they are moveable and threaded one at a time through the center of each vertical needle.  A threading tool with a hook on the end is used to pull threads through the eye.

Briefly, heddles are essential pieces of a weaving loom whether they be on a Harness Rail or a Ridgid Heddle frame.  I have both and I have to say the Ridgid Heddle Loom is much less of a nightmare to setup and thread.  In fact in comparison it is a Dream. 
However, it is limited somewhat to a plain weave or Tabby Weave. 
Fast, Fun and Fabulous...Right!!!
Then there is Slow, Stressful and Stunning!!!

Worth It....Right!!!


  1. Off the top of your head....oh, the suspense. It is making me so anxious. Tell me! Tell me!


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