Aged Before Beautiful

Sparrow is 50 years old.  My collection of Yarns and Fabrics are from yesterday to 5 years old.  Other tools used in the creations above are somewhere in between.  For example my 'J' crochet hook has been around since the 1970's when crocheting with yarn came on the scene with 'Fringed Ponchos' and 'Granny Squares'. 

Also, somewhere in between those 50 years I collected glassware....lots of glassware.  As a matter of fact...a glassware post 'EAPC Oil Lamp Reaches the Age of Antiquity' has as many pageviews (1461) as I have glassware pieces...close anyway. 
How does that fit in with Aged Before Beautiful?
It is a matter of combining the aged with the new to create something beautiful.  In the case of my 'Winsor Jewelry Baskets' the yarn basket liner is a cut glass party plate made by the Federal Glass Company in 1975.  The plate pattern is called Winsor and has a jewel like design...perfect as a jewelry holder/box/basket.  I had a dozen plates and none of the punch cups that went with the plate, but had bunches of the EAPC patterned dessert bowls of the same era. 
Now for sale in my shop...a dozen Winsor Jewelry Baskets, and Sparrow's Yarn and Fabric Runners.
Oh, by the way...Sparrow is my Leclerc Floor Loom...she is aged to perfection!


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