AtoZ Challenge...QUILT Magazine

 American's Favorite Quilting Magazine!
I wasn't a Quilter during the Winter of 1985, but my MotherInLaw was a Quilt Magazine Collector, and I'm guessing she was thinking about becoming a Quilter.  She was an experienced seamstress with many years of dressmaking for herself and her daughters.  She had the largest collection of 'Polyester Double Knit' this side of Dallas.  One day, around 1995 or so, I was telling her about my Quilting Lessons at the Senior Citizens Center...that story HERE.   We were sitting at the kitchen table drinking IceTea and talking about sewing and fabrics...again double knit...when she remembered her Collection of Quilt Magazines. 
 That was the beginning of my Collection of 1980's Quilt Magazines.  The Winter 1985 issue is the oldest one I have, and if I remember correctly, my MIL thought it would be perfect for a Beginning Quilter.  She was right.  It has also become a Treasury of All-Time Favorite Quilts and Memories of SweetTea, Kitchen Table Visits and my MIL Ruth.
Would you like to collect Quilt Magazines?
I can help...most any except 1980's QUILT!


  1. How lovely to have memories associated with something you enjoy doing. Also isn't it great when you have a MIL you love and not one who is an adversary?

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    Q for Quality not Quantity

  2. Oh boy - my mother subscribed to a quilt magazine. Even though she has been dead since 2005, she still receives mail from the magazine asking her to come back. I would like her to come back too, but good grief.

  3. I admire folks who make quilts. I'm back from a jaunt to PA....sorry I've missed some posts

  4. What great memories. I have some pieces of clothing that I have saved from each of the kids to make a quilt for them but haven't started yet. Maybe someday when I get the scrapbooking supplies off the sewing machine case!

    Janet’s Smiles

  5. My grandmother quilting and taught me, however I don't think she ever bought a magazine. LOL. If i were to dig around I bet i could find some cross stitch magazines from the 80's. I've held on to a few of them for way to long, because I liked a chart or something. By now I should now that It's probably won't be completed in my life time...

  6. What a sweet memory! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  7. Hi Sue - great memories ... I've never taken on one of these - and am not sure I can see myself doing it ... but what a great collection of magazines to inherit and then to hold for today - cheers Hilary

  8. Such a wonderful memory. I enjoyed reading your post. :)
    Jui Positive Cookies


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