Locks and Stock of Fiber...Let It Fly!

Once again my baskets and bins are over flowing.  Only this time with sheep stuff instead of fabric.  Oh, I do still have more than my share of fabric and fabric scraps, but the sheep stuff has my undivided attention at the moment.  And as you know as readers of this blog, that can change in a blink of the eye.

  Just the other day I filled a 'Bin' with a stock of Mohair Top Roving...thanks Polina.  It is a 'Bin of Many Colors', but for my first project I decided on a color way from my Pinterest Board.  Since starting on Pinterest a few years ago, I have saved just about every one of the 'Color Combo' posts I come across.  I use them often when deciding on colors for yarn projects.

If you check it out you will see why I dubbed this project 'Paradise Parrot'.  The 'Locks' part of this post, although keyless, may become the key to successfully giving the Parrot wings.  I also decided to keep a record of spinning this stock of mohair top.  I might want to repeat it later on...after I see the results.  This is not my usual way of working, but flying by the seat of my pants, often gives me results I would like to repeat but can't remember what pants I was wearing. 

DaDa!  Here it is...Locks and Stock!
Do you think it will Fly?


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