It's THAT TIME of Year With a New Spin!

Several things in the last few days have given me cause to reflect on this time of the year...last year.  With the sale of this Spring Green Apron today, sealed the deal of 'It's That Time of Year.

It was at this time last year I was in the Apron Making Frenzy and on a quest to use as much 'duck fabric' as I could in designing and making these 'Tie Slide To Fit Any Size' aprons.  They sold like hot cakes!  Why this one didn't sell last year....who knows. 

It sold today to a lady who bought one last year and came back for another.  Lucky her, it was the last one!  Now, I'm thinking I should make another batch.  I'll have to think on it as my focus has changed from aprons to table runners with duck fabrics.

Speaking of TIME....it's THAT TIME of Year for Daylight savings time.  I've spent all this time since it changed in the Fall Back trying to adjust, and now here it is time to Spring Forward.  Please let it be one or the other.

Have I showed you my latest run of 'Table Runners'.  My Google Picture Albums don't show that I have, so here are some of them.  As I mentioned earlier, the duck fabrics previously saved for aprons have become home décor instead of person décor.  Both useful, right?  As you know, that's important to me...making things that are useful.  Here are a few individually photographed runners with size and price.
Yes, I know....It's somewhat of an 'OverDoSue' Table Runner Run On and On and On!
I think I'm over them for awhile.
On To The Next OverDoThingy!
 It's 'Spin-A-Rama' Time!


  1. spring forward into spring....hey, we have to complain about something. Why not the time change? More time to sit on our patio at night - that's a plus. But also more time to see chores that need doing. Spin-a-rama indeed

    1. I am always happy for daylight savings Spring Forward time for as you said patio time and outdoor time. Yep, Spin-a-rama is fixin' to spin out of control....for awhile.


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