Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio Remodel Tour

Welcome.  Come On In. 
As you come in the door and turn right... you'll see the RagRugs and new Project Bags.
As you know, I've been a 'Bead It Gal' this summer and with the remodel...well,
the jewelry section gets a little more space. 
 Also excited to bring more sewing collectibles in as well.
Amazing how much light comes through the 2 windows in my small space. 
 Makes the Jewelry and Collectibles really sparkle.
 There's nothing like a bit of vintage embroidery, crochet and quilting to give as a special gift for that special someone.  Having it all in one big basket makes it easy to select one or two of them. 
 We will soon be saying 'Tis the Season'. The collection of Birthday Dolls are truly a special gift.
It is the perfect season for a Fall Lone Star Quilt! This wall hanging is 56"x56" and features the Fall Season's Sunflowers. Don't you love the quilting design? 
 It's one of my favorite patterns I designed for the Longarm Quilting machine.
Next is the Yarn Corner. On display are two crocheted ponchos for girls.
The pink one is size Small-Medium and the blue one girls size Large.
  Both are available in Kits for $18 or already made for $28.
On the Center Back Wall is FABRIC. That's why it's Sue's Fiber&Fabric....gotta have some of both. See the yellow tags? There are some amazing bargins hanging there....short yardage pieces.  
Don't have time to sew up lots of yards...no problem...I have bundled and coordinated packages for you.
And of course there are QUILTS. I have added several lovely FALL quilts from
Queen Bed size to Throws to Table Runners.
You know 'Winter Is Coming', and I've been busy making sure you have a Big Selection of warm Scarves, Cowls, Shawls and Ponchos from which to choose. AND...there are more on the works. What great gifts, too!
Lastly on the tour are my new 'SusieQ Apron/Smocks' introduced last month. I now have a selection of fabrics packaged if you would like to have a 'SusieQ' custom made. 
 Remember...you don't have to 'COOK', SEW or GARDEN to wear one. 
 They look great over a T-Top and Leggins! A perfect addition to your casual wardrobe. 
 Great Gift, too!


  1. That is a very cheery store. You have an eye, that's for sure. Good luck with fall sales

  2. Looks great. One of these days I'll get to see it in person.


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