Salem Ruler and Olfa Cutter = Round Rag Rug Rolls

Quilters Tools Rule!   Of all the lessons learned as a quilter, 'Rotary Cutting 101' has been the most valuable and most used in practically every fabric project I undertake.

For sure it is the #1 time saver in Rag Rug making.  That is due to my preference for clean edges and exact sizes of strips as opposed to raveled/stringy edges and approximate sizes when strips are torn. 

I'm picky that way, and I'm a 'NeatNick' when it comes to craftsmanship. 
So it goes to say that making the most of saving time begins with cutting strips...lots of strips.

I select fabrics from my Rag Rug Stash based on color, print and weight (some fabrics are stiffer/heavier). 

Once I have filled a sizeable basket with a batch of rolls, I am ready to coordinate them for a rug.  More often than not, I end up back in the stash for one or two blenders like the solid green and blue in the rug now on my worktable. 
I like working in the round and with each round rug, I figure out something that makes it easier, more time efficient and improvements to craftsmanship.  For instance the starting circle...instead of forming a loop with a knot...wrap the fabric around the crochet hook leaving an inch and half tail...take it to the sewing machine and stitch across the strip to form a loop to fit the hook.  So much less bulky and easier to make the beginning circle.  I chain 4...join in 1st chain...chain 1...single crochet in circle 8 times catching and covering the tail in the first few single crochet...NO KNOT!  In round 2...2 single crochet in back loop of each of the 8 single crochet.

Here are a couple of Round Rag Rugs from a Basket Batch of
Salem Ruler and Olfa Cutter Rolls.


  1. round and round Sue goes, where she stops no one knows....good work

    1. Thanks Joanne. I imagine I'll stop going round and round when I run out of Rag Rug makings...not likely to happen...or I latch on to the next project to go round and round on.

  2. I really like the brown and red rug. I just ordered an ergonomic rotary cutter, to see if it helps. I'm hoping to check out your booth at British Antiques on Tuesday. Monday got filled up, helping with kiddies.


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