Rag Rug, Time and the Karma Effect

My Aunt Georgia was a Rag Rug maker, too.  I say too since I am one as well, and learning of Georgia's rag rug making struck me as more than a mere coincidence.  The whole time I was making a rag rug for Georgia's son and his wife, I thought about Georgia and what I remembered about her...which didn't include rag rugs.  She was my Mother's sister-in-law from Iowa, a farmers wife, a teacher, mother of my 3 cousins and a visitor to Texas several times.  Those visits I remember through the pictures of their vacations to Texas...which were several topics in The 2015 AtoZ April Challenge "Growing Up In The 1950's and 1960's.
 Mother's Iowa Farmer Brothers and their families came for a visit in 1957.  It was definitely several days of Kodak moments for her...judging by the number of pictures taken as she took them on the 'Texas Oil Boom Zone' tour.

This group of 'Shoebox' photos also gives me the opportunity to include them as Letter Z...which is a bit of a reach, but nevertheless an interesting look at the Texas Mid-Century Oil & Drilling Bidnezz.

As indicated in this photo of my Uncles, having a 'Pump Jack' in your backyard was not all that unusual, and regardless of the warning signs and the threat of a whoppin',  kids of all ages could not resist climbing on the iron horse for a whooping good ride.

From Letter D - Dad and Sixteen Hands Dan
Annie Oakley I was not.  About the only trick riding I did was keeping my seat while riding bareback.
Dad's first rule if one wanted to ride or give rides, was 'Get On and Off on Your Own'.  So, here's **Sixteen Hands Big Dan and 'All Legs Barefoot Sue' whose longest reach could not get a handful of Dan's White Palomino Mane.  Even if I could have, Dad nor anyone else would give me a boost. 
      My cousin from Iowa...the one wearing Dad's black Stetson...tried, but threw me over Dan's back. Getting off was easier...we just slid off his golden tail behind.
While working on the rug, the idea that there was more to this 'Family Rag Rug' coincidence and the timing that brought it about kept nagging at my 'I Believe In Karma' self. 

You know, the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future.  Yeah...that Good Karma!

The feeling of Karma was so strong it led me to Ancestry, my Family Tree and to Georgia's profile.

Don't you just love the picture of her from I'm guessing, the 1960's-70's.  Love those cat eye glasses and the pin on her collar.  She's just as I remembered her with that sweet smile...always friendly and happy to see us when we visited Iowa.  I can hear her Iowa accent and pleasant laugh still today.  All that from a quick look at her picture...it's one of the things I so appreciate about being a Family Historian and Ancestry member. 

Just knowing we are both Rag Rug makers is a special connection, but still there has to be more why at this TIME the 'Karma Effect' has emerged.  And there it is!!!!!
Birth April 19, 1915 
Death January 6, 1993
Today, January 5, 2017, twenty-four years after her death, I boxed up the Rag Rug I made for her son and his wife along with a packet of portrait photos.  Photos Mother had saved of Son receiving Rag Rug and this one...
I believe in Karma.  If the good is sown, the good is collected.
When positive things are made, that returns well. Yannick Noah
Thank-you Aunt Georgia...I loved the TIME spent with you...the yesterdays and todays!


  1. I'm to a rag rug maker. Just about to finish up one. This one will be brown, gold, green, and red. Hopeful to have a photo before next Monday the 9th.
    But also going to try to do a locker hooking one, for my son and their wives 2017 Christmas gift.
    Coffee is on

    1. So nice to know another rag rug maker, Dora. Somehow I knew that would be one of your talents. Your colors sound pretty, hope to see a picture soon. I want to try the toothbrush method of making a rag rug. Maybe when I get bored with crocheting them. Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!

  2. I like the whole Karma effect, the memories, and your history. Truly special photos and memories wrapped in a rag rug.Very nice

    1. Thanks Joanne. A bit of Family History for the New Year!

  3. You know, timing is everything. Funny how that worked out for you. Karma? You bet!

    1. That old cliché works for me many times!! Karma explains it as far as I am concerned!


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