March Booth...Baskets, Bunnies, Bags and Libby LuLa

For the last few years, March has been 'Beginning Booth' month.  The first Saturday of March was this weekend, and what a beautiful day it was.  A light jacket for the early morning setting up was all I needed for the rest of the day...except for a wide brimmed hat...it was warm and sunny.
With Easter falling on the last Sunday of March, it was the perfect time to feature the Tulip quilts, crocheted baskets and bunnies.  The shoppers weren't thinking Easter yet, so they all got to come home with me.  I was not too disappointed.  I so enjoyed making them and am happy to keep them for awhile longer.  Besides I may need those baskets for egg hunting.
Although I didn't blog about making bags during the month of February, you can see that I did a bunch of bag sewing and weaving.   In total, 20 Totes and 10 Bags/Purses made up the group I call 'PieceMaker' Totes and Bags.  The Totes are designed for carrying Books, Projects, Laptops and Crafting Projects with inside pockets, fully lined and padded, and straps that allow for shoulder or hand carrying.  The larger 'Piecemaker' Bags are designed with the Quilter in mind with the outside pocket made for carrying Quilt Rulers and the inside pockets for tools and sewing notions.  The bags are perfect for carrying to a Quilt Retreat with room for fabric, patterns and books.
The only thing that occupied my pink chair was my Big Bag.  I stayed busy all day demonstrating the Art of Twinning.   It drew lots of interest and my Libby LuLa Loom was all the envy. 
It was a Fun First Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center!


  1. I would think your bright booth beckons. It was certainly perfect weather, and at least here in Bedford the wind was calm on Sat. Glad you had fun. Bet folks got home and said "Darn, should have bought that Easter stuff!"

  2. I am just in awe of your talents! You are a blessing to me and I always have a smile when I stop by here. Enjoy your week and I love everything you have shared. xo Anne

  3. One of those baskets would be perfect, to put candy in, in my sewing machine booth this weekend. Betty Sue will be displayed. I'll be in San Angelo in April, but not the first Saturday (gotta play with vintage machines in East TX that weekend). Great booth.

  4. Hi Sue - loved the colour of your booth .. but how lucky to have that warm weather - here it is positively freezing - but the end of the week it'll be warmer. You are an inveterate sewer, quilter, bag maker and all .. cheers and enjoy - Hilary

  5. What a pretty booth, Sue! I'd have been drawn right to it. I wish I could have stood behind you to watch you twinning.

  6. Exciting booth display! All that color would have drawn me to it for sure!


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