Even Dozen...Posts and Purses

Out of desperation to make March posts end on an even number and a positive note...I present an even dozen of 'Ditty Bags'.  Not exactly purses, but close enough to fit this post.   Made from a collection of scraps and zippers, these 'Ditty Bags' do fit nicely in your purse.  They are quick to make and good sellers in my booth. 
As for March...it is nearly over, and I am not quite ready for the April AtoZ Challenge.  At least I am not as ready as I was last year.  No matter, I'm pretty good at flying by the seat of my pants...lots of practice...ya know. 
So this is 'Au Revoir' March!
Ow'll be watching for you in April.


  1. you are ending March on a colorful note. Onward to April and I have no doubt you will fly thru with flying colors - soaring not sliding by on the seat of your pants

  2. I can see why the little bags would be good sellers! They are adorable. I carry small needlework projects around in little bags like that - one little bag holds the threads, the canvas/aida cloth and a tiny pair of scissors. Bags this size are hard to find!

  3. I like your little bags -- a great place for all those things that get lost in the black hole of a pocketbook.


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