AtoZ April Challenge Sign Up Time

Fourth year for CollectInTexas Gal...WOW!!! What a difference the AtoZ April Challenge has made in my writing. Yes, I am a writer...of sorts, and honestly, I'm more surprised about that than anybody. And yet, as they say...'The proof is in the pudding'...or as I say...
"If you are a story teller you too, can be a story writer."
Believe me, I have told some whoppers in the three years of participating in the AtoZ April Challenge.  Surely my Ancestors will forgive me for embellishing their life stories.  No telling who is waiting for me at the Pearly Gates, or heaven forbid...the alternative...for using their 'Forgotten Fotos'. 

Regardless of whether my reward is a halo or a ring of fire,
 I will forge forward for a Fourth Year with my 2015 theme...
Growing Up in the 1950's and 1960's
Here is the Post announcing the AtoZ April Challenge 2015 


  1. I look forward to reading about the Family Jewels - no doubt it will be a great challenge. I'm still contemplating a theme, or maybe I'll put my time into reading and supporting you intrepid bloggers for the month of April. Either way, it shall be fun.

  2. Congratulations on four years of blogging!


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