Second Day of Winter

Yesterday was the First Day of Winter...the calendar said so.  Not that I noticed the calendar yesterday...otherwise I would have done this post yesterday and called it 'First Day of Winter'.  Here's the thing about seasons in Texas...yes, we have four of them...
Almost Sumer...Summer...Still Summer...and...Christmas!


  1. Love your seasons. LOL We have four also: Winter, Winter, Road Construction, and Winter (with a bit of Christmas thrown in for good measure). :-)

  2. you summed it up. Or it's not "winter", it's "one ice storm"

  3. Happy 2nd Day of Winter!

  4. We went into a restaurant to get lunch, without our jackets. Came out 45 minutes later, couldn't grab our jackets fast enough! Colorado weather changes so quickly. LOL! Enjoy your Christmas time with the phamily.


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