Wall Paper Memories

"Mom put up new paper every year.  My job was to brush on the paste."
We rolled out the paper the night before. 
The panels were laid out on the floor in the order they were to be hung
 and cut with the pattern matches made. 
Mom made her own paste...no pre-pasted paper or buckets of commercial paste.
I remember that so well.  It seems like just yesterday, but of course it wasn't...it was 1940.
Does anyone wallpaper anymore?
Not as much as they use to, Mother!
Although, with the 1940 Census now available on the Internet,
and the '1940's Retro Look' becoming more popular,
I bet it won't be long before folks will be 
"Busier than a One-Armed Paper Hanger"!


Wendy said...

I've always loved that funny little saying about the one-armed paper hanger. I come from a wall-papering family. Not professional though. However, I am down to only one room and a foyer that still have paper, but it's all new and I still love it.

Pom Pom said...

My favorite red wallpaper looks like the ones you feature. If I could find it again, I'd buy it and paper up a storm!

Ames said...

I can remember re-papering my mother's kitchen for her. It finally came down after my father passed away so we could depersonalize the house for resale.

I like the prints with the Cardinal and the King Fisher the best.~Ames

How you doing??

The Old Parsonage said...

Wow - every year?!!!!!! That's incredible! Almost our entire house is papered:)

I love the old-fashioned charm of that paper that we have.

Your scrap page looks great!


Nancy said...

I like the little images of old-fashioned wallpaper in your collage at the bottom of the post, Sue. I don't remember seeing anyone actually hanging wallpaper but I remember that the walls in my grandmother's house were wallpapered. She didn't put up new every year but used wallpaper cleaner to clean it every year. It came in a can, I think it was green, it looked like plastic clay, and I think it smelled good. They couldn't use water because wallpaper was really paper.


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