The Cure for Pyrexia? More Pyrex!

RARE Pyrex Napkin Rings...Take Six and call it a PyrexFix!
 Okay, so you would have a hard time Swallowing Six of these.
But you know as well as I do that they are the just what the doctor ordered for a Perfect Pyrex Fix. 
 And LOOK!!! They are Compatables!
That means they go with EVERY PIECE of PYREX ever made.
Well, at least the Old Town Blue pieces.
Why am I letting them GO?  I'm glad you asked!
I don't don't do Old Town Blue!
I do the Pyrex Turquoise Blue!
 Are you as excited as I was to find these Napkin Rings in their ORIGINAL box?
Well, at least most of the original box....it's missing the lid!
If you suffer from NoNapkinFoldin' Disorder....here's your 'FoldFIX' on the box bottom.
To TopOff your Pyrexia Meds...a pair of Pyrex Salt and Pepper Shakers.
This set has seen a day or two of the Shakes, but still can SetUp
with their compatable Pyrex Pattern 'Snowflake'.
There now!  Don't you feel better just seeing these Pyrex Pieces?
Yep...The Cure for Pyrexia IS More Pyrex!


  1. Those are so wonderful someone is going to love love love them! Grace

  2. Wow I never knew there was such a thing as Pyrex napkin holders?

  3. Pyrex napkin rings are new to me too.

  4. Cool! Both items are new to me, love that they added the napkin folding tips to the box:@)

  5. I didn't know pyrex did napkin rings...awesome!

  6. When I first looked at the picture I thought they were glasses. I've never seen anything like these before. What a fabulous find!

  7. I never knew they made napkin holders! Lord is there ANYTHING Pyrex can't be?!

  8. I'm commenting for Deva of Fresh Pastry Stand, and she has quite a Pyrex collection, too. This is the first time I've seen napkin rings.

  9. Those are beautiful although the first time I've ever known of Pyrex napkin rings.

  10. You are not the only one that had Pyrex fever.

  11. Hi Sue, You found some great Pyrex match ups. I love to find cool things like this. I have very little Pyrex any more. It is great for cooking and storing.

    Keep on thrifting because the fun is finding something like your share today.
    Happy days to you and yours.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  12. Oh My! Wait til Linda at A La Carte sees these! She is crazy for Pyrex! My mom had lots of it and I remember her fondly when I see it! I still have some 1980 pieces my brother Ed gave us for our wedding!
    Hey my daughters honey is playing football today at Angelo State. He plays for Western State in Colorado. Wish we could be there! We are in Kansas. Nick had his first XC meet today! Yea for Cowley! Wish I were two instead of one sometimes! LOL!
    I love napkin rings!


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