We got our first black and white TV in the late 1950's.  It was touted as a portable...however, if it hadn't been on a black metal stand with wheels, none of us except my Dad could move it.  It had Rabbit Ears....remember those?  Everyone thought reception was less snowy if you had the Rabbit Ears dressed up in Aluminum Foil. 

I don't know if the foil made much difference.  It didn't matter all that much cause I Loved Lucy and would watch that show through a Snow Blizzard on that old black and white.  I didn't know Lucy was a Red Head until I saw a picture of her in a magazine. 

I was really reminded of the Good Ole Days of Black and White TV and the I Love Lucy Show last week while out Junkin'!  I came across this display of  'Collector Metal Signs'.  Believe it or not, I don't Collect Signs or Celebrity Memorabilia, but I thought a post about Lucy would work in for Valentines!  Just look  at Ricky giving her a Sweetheart Kiss!  And I NEVER EVER will forget or tire of watching the Chocolate episode....

Thanks Lucy!


  1. I was (am) a Lucy fan also. I love that particular show with the candy, and of the course the grape stomping and the fake nose that catches fire. I don't know of any female comedians who are so funny and clean at the same time, do you?
    Love your post!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. I love her, too. I showed the kids at school that chocolate episode, and they LOVED it.

  3. I Love Lucy too...still laugh to this day when I watch episodes...she was a comic genius for sure...

  4. Oh I Love Lucy also! It was the biggest treat to get to watch those shows on TV when I was home sick form school.

  5. One of the most beautiful, expressive, funniest comedians ever:@)

  6. Iwatched this when I first went to canada in 1976m before that iin Borneo I never had TV. i rememebr it so much. Then I went to New Zealand, and and in my first summer job, I worked in a food packing factory. One was to pack ginger crystals. My girl friend and I pinched some candies and I told her about I love Lucy.

    Thanks for memories.

  7. I loved Lucy too! Sometimes I think that I have my love for red heads from watching her.

  8. I am a total Lucy fan. Every year I have to buy her calender for my desk. And have collected her shows and the movies she has done. I Love I Lucy Lucy.

  9. I am a lover of Lucy too! In fact the 1953 RCA Television set I have at the Casablanca was bought just for that! The story goes that my Great Grand parents had listened to the TV show over the radio, and when the radio/Tv guide/Gossip magaizines announced Lucy's Bundle of Joy wa son its way, She marched right down town to the RCA dealer and picked out a brand new 19" Black & White set just for the occasion! You can see pictures of the Tv set here - http://egtmicks.blogspot.com/2010/01/ting-ling-ting-ling-goes-telephone.html

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lucy!!! Everytime I watch her show no matter how many times I've seen it she makes me laugh. I miss shows like this now! There will never be another Lucy!

  11. I can not imagine anyone alive today old enough to remember Lucy didn't watch her! She was a magnificent comedienne! In fact my Barbie Collector Club has a new Lucy and Ricky Barbie/Ken doll(s). I even have a collection of the Lucy Show with Vivian Vance were Lucy worked in the bank with Mr. Mooney! HaHa! There is certainly no t.v. like that today. Good clean fun is slowing being removed from our lives. Sad but true.
    Even Alan Jackson sang about Lucy in his Where Were You When The world Stop Turning tribute to 9-11.
    I really do still love Lucy! Anne


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