Yellow Kitchen Collectin...It's Magic!

Welcome to The Magic Kitchen.
What a Magical way to start the day.
In a Yellow Kitchen with an OrangeKitchenKitty
Snug as a Bug on a Braided Rug,
with SmilinVeggies Simmerin in a CopperPot,
SinginSalt &PepperShakers, and FreshBakedBread with Butter on Top.
by M.Jurras Mayberry…collection of GRIT.
There is something special about a Bright and Sunny Yellow Kitchen and all the Collected KitchenyStuff. And best of all…It’s All Useable. Fresh Outta the Oven Bread or Fresh Outta the StoreBought Bread... It stays fresh in the YellowBreadBox.

Easy Basics Cook Books…find that recipe like Grandma used to make, and the ingredients are EZ to Update…Lard to CanolaOil and WhiteFlour to WholeWheat.

Yellow Kitchen Shelves
Sequin Antiques, Sequin, Texas.

Yellow Kitchen Cooks must have YellowAprons.
My Grandmother always wore an Apron in her Yellow Kitchen, and her aprons were always HomeMade.
Aprons are too pretty to store in a drawer, so GRIT Apron Collection hangs around the Utility Room walls.
HomeMade aprons have made a comeback in the last few years and Vintage Aprons and Patterns are highly collectable and can be found in Antique Shops, Flea Markets and Thrift Shops.
A good buy in Texas is between $5 and $15 for aprons in good condition….less if the Former Cook left her Tea and Coffee stains and a hole or two from a favorite and well worn one.

The Wool N Cotton Shop in San Angelo, Texas
displays a Collection of Aprons on a clothes line strung over the window and around the cozy Country Kitchen.

Judith has a Christmas Apron Pattern on her website

This charming NeedleWorks Shop is filled with Vintage Collections.

Until I can get back to do a Feature, you can take a tour via My Firefly Cottage .
While there, you can add to your collection of Pie Recipes from GiGi’s Pie of the Week Series.
Yummy Family Recipes and Memories

What Retro Yellow Kitchen would be complete without a Yellow Table.
This one with yellow and blue chairs is displayed with other Retro Kitchen Decor at
American-British Antiques in San Angelo, Texas.
Favorite Kitchen Quotes....
'No Matter Where I Serve My Quests,
They Seem To Like My Kitchen Best.'
'Real Men Wear Aprons'
'If You Want Breakfast in Bed...Sleep in the Kitchen.'

Above my Range hangs this Kitchen Utensil Clock made by Burwood Products Company copyright 1975. The clock is FriedInTime...funny...just before dinner time. Other Collectibles include: McCoy Pear Wall Pocket and Dust Pan Wall Pocket. Yellow Hull Pitcher and *Yellow Rose Crochet Trivets.
And MyFind of The Week...Pineapple Server.
Have you been to an Antique Shop where the DealerDoesn'tDisturb the Dirt?
There it was on the bottom shelf, back of the booth, behind books and covered in DIRT.
It had been there so long, the tag was faded, but readable...$10.50.

Not too Bad, I thought, then I turned it over....
Not Bad At All... Made in USA with Foil Label - Metlox - VernonWare.

A bit of WebResearch revealed Metlox began using Foil in the 60's and their top Dinnerware Line was Poppy Trail.
Some of the other Dinnerware lines were California Fruit, California Rose, Painted Desert, Tropicana and Sculptured Daisy.
A black and white Cow Set called Holstein Herd was one of the last made by this company before closing in 1989.

Sculptured Daisy Platters...Seguin Antiques

More Kitchen Quotes...
'Bless This Kitchen With Love and Laughter'
'Enjoy Life...It's Delicious'
'God Blesses This Kitchen...He doesn't Clean It'
'Good Food...Good Friends...Good Times'
'No Man has ever been Shot while Doing Dishes'
What a Magical Way to End the Day...In A Yellow Kitchen With the One You Love...Washing Dishes!


SusanB-knits said...

I love a yellow kitchen! And what a find!! I didn't know there was such a thing as a pinapple server.

Anonymous said...

Love "the end"
Hugs from "lil" sis

Gigi said...

Hi Miss Sue,
Great post! Love the yellow, love the couple at the sink with the lady's hand on her guy's bottom ;-), love it all! Makes me miss you guys even more seeing the mention of "The Wool & Cotton Shop" ;-(. Oh well, 'bloom where you're planted', eh? I went to Dallas yesterday with Art (who had to go to 'lawyer school' ;-). Anyway, drove all the way out to Plano to the "Woolie Ewe" -- lots & lots of great yarn and nice people but it just isn't the W & C Shop. Dropped by another shop close to downtown too, "The Shabby Sheep", very cute and friendly, but still can't compare to the homeyness and warmth of Judith's.
Thinking of you all with much affection,

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Your new blog is fabulous. Thank you for "adding me" to your blogroll and the nice compliments on my blog. I hope you'll visit often. Best Wishes, Lynn

Anonymous said...

Screw you and your yellow table. Your isolation in that Texas hellhole has made you retarded.

Diana Ferguson said...

I had a yellow kitchen at one time. Enjoyed your post!!

Colleen said...

Love your blog and your items, too!


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