Perfectly 'Back In Beads'...Again!

A few months ago I cleaned out the 'Bead Bins' and all that goes with making Jewelry!  Organized it, packed it up and took it all to my DIL.  I was through making jewelry!  Or so I thought!  Then on a whim I decided to pick up the Teenie Tiny crochet hooks and Super Skinny crochet thread and work on a pair of hoops that the finish had worn off.  Big Mistake!  One pair led to you guessed it...more!
  More hoops, more beads, more threads and more stuff to make more!!!
Aren't these peacock feather beads the bomb? 
Perfect for the 'Dream Catcher' hoops!
Perfect for 'Christmas Gifts' at my Shop!
Perfectly 'Back In Beads'...again!
On a Smaller Scale!
That Counts!


  1. very nice work and perfect for the folks looking for a little treat gift or stocking stuffer too. Colorful and joyful!

    1. Yes, stocking stuffers for big girls with dreams to catch. Thanks...I think they are joyful, too.

  2. Hi Sue Dear! Oh look at you go! I think you can do ANYTHING!

  3. Those peacock feather beads are cool. Have fun overdoing.


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