Keeping Calm & Weaving On...Not EasyPeasy

 I am always trying to keep my Facebook Banners updated with whatever world of Fiber Art in which I am immersed or overdoing.  Currently, I am immersed, involved, caught up, occupied, engaged and engrossed (thanks synonym AtoZ Challenge) in pattern weaving.  As usual with something new to me, the OverDoSue is creeping in with the need to search and sort through pattern books and so far just about every 4 Shaft 6 Treadle Pattern Draft on Pinterest.  OMG there are so many!

In the effort to make said banners interesting and eye catching...I'm getting a chance to highlight some of the weaving patterns done so far.  It's nice to be able to collage together some of my favorites.
 I truly am trying to 'Keep Calm and Weave On'!


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