MayFlowerSeries...Fenced In Flowers

Fencing in flowers has been part of landscaping for well...forever.  Great pains are taken to border flower beds whether it be with fences, pavers, rocks or sticks.  I might consider container pots as flower borders as well.  With that said, it was kind of surprising finding so many fenced flower photos while navigating and organizing my flower photo files.

As a contributor on Find A Grave, I take photos at cemeteries.  Along with filling headstone photo requests, I often take pictures of memorabilia, statues and flowers left on graves.  Funeral flowers are almost always presented in beautiful arrangements.  In the photo above the florists attention to detail and color contrasts the rugged almost desolate background landscape.  This photo has a special connection for me...my Dad built the fence.

Even fields of Texas Wildflowers are Fenced In.

Some flowers just can't be contained and seem to say...'Don't Fence Me In'!


  1. fenced in Friday captured a lot of beauty. Have a super Memorial Weekend

  2. How lovely the flowers are in any setting. I love the wall behind those pretty ones.
    Jeanette ann

  3. So many happy flowers! That's cool that your daddy built that fence!


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