Studio Wall Changes...Again

Changes are good...right!  I have found that frequent changes in my shop give shoppers and browsers an opportunity to see something new every time they visit.  When they say, "Oh, is that new?  I haven't seen that before", I know my frequent switch-a-rooing is working.

In the case of the Butterfly Wheel quilt, it has been in and out of the shop since I opened in February of last year.  Can you believe it has been a year?  My, how butterfly time flies!  I love this quilt and can't bring myself to hang a price tag on it....yet!!!

Valentines has come and gone...barely.  It was three days ago, and I couldn't wait to move the center Valentine display.  Valentines was on a Wednesday...which is not a day of the week I am usually open nor a busy day at the Chicken Farm.  By the end of the day all the Valentine Venue pieces were incorporated into the Vintage Wall displays.  I THINK I will leave this Vintage Wall alone until after Mother's Day.  I'm sure I'll tweak it here and there and add 'This and That'.

If 'This' Sunbonnet Sue Set of embroidery Tea Towels doesn't sell SOON...it will be one 'That' goes back home.  I'm not sure I need to downsize my vintage stuff 'That' badly.

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  1. things look quite fresh. Hope special things catch someone's eye and purse!


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