Old School Blogger Power and Star Power of Rag Rugs and Baskets

Yesterday's post...January BlogEnding and 2017 BlogTrending...confirmed my thoughts of not being alone in 'Old School Blogland'.  I must admit being a bit apprehensive to bring up the '2017 Trending and Predictions' concerning the Techno/Social changing aspects of being a blogger...or the alternative term...Business Owner. 

Probably the biggest thing happening with Business Owners is the trend of dropping the Comment Box.  I'm very pleased to say 'It Ain't Happenin' on the 'Old School Blogger's' watch!  What a great response to my 'PS...Comments Welcome'...Thanks Ya'll.  I so enjoyed your comments and replying to each of you!  Blogger Power is alive and thriving in Old School Blogland.

The Star Power for this coming weekends First Saturday's Chicken Farm Show will feature my new Rag Baskets.  Which along with two months of Rag Rug making will pretty much fill my Booth.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how these new items will be received.  It's been a lot of fun work making the Rugs, Bags and Baskets.  Each a 'One of a Kind'! 

If nothing else, they will make a Powerful and Colorful Display...Ole'


  1. Cute baskets! Have fun on Saturday.

  2. I bet your goodies do draw a crowd - such bright colors contrast against the drab skies of Feb. At least here it's rather gray and dreary. Good luck!!
    And thanks for old school blogger power

  3. I absolutely ADORE rag rugs...mine aren't as pretty as yours but I still enjoy them. I wish you well; may your sales be frequent and many. As to blogland...I'm happy doing what I'm doing. I'm too cranky and old to want to keep up with anyone for any reason.

  4. Old school here too. Comment away!


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