Looming Line Up of Fall Projects

I have no explanation why one project at a time is not enough for me...even after posting the
 "Let Whatever You Do Today Be ENOUGH".
I had thoughts of making that my daily motto.  Ha!
I blew that thought right outta the ball park today!
Actually, I do have a wee explanation...
"One Scrap Fabric Stripping" project leads to another and another all in one day!
Truth be told,  I have been Pinning looms and weaving projects for quite some time on Pinterest along with Rugs and Baskets.  You can view my pins on my board RAG/FABRIC Baskets Rugs.  With a number of baskets done and lots of 1 inch strips cut, it seemed like a good time to get on with setting up a loom for a rug or two or three.  Thing is, the scrap cotton strips used for baskets was not what I wanted to use on the loom. 
What do you think about knit?  Not Tshirt knit...that is what many are using these days, but I have had a tub full of jersey knit and double knit from the days of double knit pant suits and 1970-80's polyester knit.  Yikes...that's a long time to hang on to fabric.  You would think it would all be rotten...right?  Not so!  Double knit never dies.  It will outlast ever fiber known to man.  So, out of the tub onto the cutting table, warped on a metal picture frame and the weaving began. Fun!  The weave I am doing is called 'Twining'.  You can see the process on Simply Resourceful Blog in three short videos. 
Next in the Line Up is a crocheted rag rug using the left over strips from baskets and adding two strands of Homespun yarn.  There is LOTS of homespun in the Yarn-A-Rama Stash.  I like the texture and color it adds to the rug.  You can check out how to make a crochet rag rug and how to add strips on the RAG/FABRIC Basket Rug board.
This is the next cut glass divided dish in waiting.  It will be my first oval jewelry basket and will be made from a group of Fall Fabric Strips featured on the Tag of the FALL GALLERY.  You can take a look at the previous 'Jewelry Baskets' there.  Just click HERE or on the Sidebar FALL GALLERY tag.
Last on the Line Up is my last Needlepoint Christmas Stocking.  Twelve years ago, I started THREE LARGE stockings.  Grandgal #1 got hers for Christmas four years ago.  Grandson #2 got his for his first Christmas six years ago...it was a smaller stocking.  Grandson #1 got his for Christmas last year.
This Christmas, Grandgal #2 will get her stocking.  I promise! 
Guess I'd better get to stitching....December is just around the corner!
Have you started your Looming Christmas Line Up?


Pom Pom said...

In all my years, I've only done Christmas makes ONCE! YOU are an amazing maker, Sue!
Pretty stuff today!

Joanne said...

I am impressed by this fall whirlwind of activity. Wow. And no, Christmas is not on the radar yet............

Wendy said...

I love rag rugs. They are hard to find around here.


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