Couching Stitched YoYo Sampler

There is a YoYo Fest going on in my Sewing Studio.
 As usual, my 'OverDoNess' has hit a YoYoHigh,
Now there are a total of 4 smallish YoYo quilts waiting in the wings to be stitched.
Here is 1930's YoYo and More Galore!
Matter of Facts and Figuring
*Pink Background...machine quilted sample/practice piece...basket full of these...useful now!
*2 squares of 1930's pieced scraps...never throw away vintage scraps...you never know!!!
*1 large layered YoYo with button topper...already made for another project...Yay!
*2 small layered YoYo's with button topper...already made for another project...perfect!
*assortment of small YoYo's...coordinated with 1930's scraps. 
*2 pieces of vintage doilies...these were cut from a piece that was falling apart...couching keeps it together.
*embroidery floss - stitching with coordinating colors...want the stitches to show, but not glaringly.
*basting fabric glue to hold pieces in place while stitching...so much quicker and easier than pins.
Work In Progress...but not forever...gotta finish for September 5th First Saturday Booth!
The other THREE as well...no time for too much 'OverDoNess"


  1. I love this! I got a stack of about 300 circles of vintage fabric (maybe 1970s? not WAY vintage, but older than current) at a thrift store a couple weeks ago. My immediate thought was a yo-yo quilt... but something like this would be even better! I also picked up a stack of vintage doilies that same day. And I have excess buttons coming out my ears. Hmm... I think you've got me hooked on a new project. (Like I needed a new project!)

    1. Karla...it is always good to hear that one of my projects serves as an inspiration to others. As you might have guessed, I too am a Fiber Thrifter who never throws away even the smallest scraps, threads, etc. BTW…one can never have too many projects…LOL…speaking from experience, ya know!

  2. Hi Sue! WOW! That is a lovely piece of Sue-art!

    1. Thanks, Karen. I'm having fun digging through collections of saved fibers, fabrics and foofoo's!

  3. your over-do ness is fun, no matter what. And I like the Yo-Yo name

    1. Thanks Joanne. There is only so much one can do with naming YoYo's. I'm getting desperate with several more pieces to tag.

  4. Sue, this is beautiful, I love it! I also love your header! :)

    1. Glad you like the YoYo piece, Linda. The header is pics taken in my Sewing Studio. It changes occasionally, so come back again soon. Thanks for visiting.


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