Rewarded for Being Bossy

So, where ya been?
What did ya do?
What was the occasion?
How was the weather?

Okay, here I go with answers to your questions!  You have been wondering...right?

I have been back to my hometown in Oil Boom West Texas!

I arranged and decorated tables and chairs for about 120 people.  Set up my 'OverDoSue' Booth.  Bossed a bunch of other people around, made popcorn, and was a co-hostess with the mostess.

It was my high school graduating classes 50th Reunion.

It was October in West Texas...it was hot one day, cold the next and just right the next.
My classmates and friends for life know me well!
They know I collect Headvases and Yellow Roses are my favorites.
How sweet and thoughtful...even after all my bossyness!


  1. Of course you bossed people around -- that's because you knew what you were doing and how things should go. I know everything looked beautiful thanks to your special touch and everyone was well-pleased.

  2. Oh, I'm glad it was fun! You are such a good organizer!

  3. no doubt they were glad to see you and expected some bossyness so stuff would get done and get done right! Good for you. Plus no doubt, fun, hugs, and good cheer all around


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