Collecting Texas Plates

Are you a Plate Addict?
I am when it comes to TEXAS PLATES!
Afterall, I am the CollectInTEXAS Gal!
ALL my Collected Plates have been THRIFTED or GIFTED!
Enjoy the Show!!!


There is more than one kind of plate...Just sayin'.


  1. I love collecting Florida stuff. And I love your Texas plate. The info on the back is an added bonus!~Ames

  2. Sue, yes I do collect plates. I have a Kansas ones. My MIL gave me a 1902 plate her family had, love that one. I think its so fantastic that you are so loyal to your state as you should be. Have a good weekend my friend. I've been working on a crafts show in two weeks so my comments have been slim.

  3. We went to a dinner party recently, where the hostest had collected a bunch of texas platea and used them as settings. She placed a clear glass pie plate over decorative plate and thats what we actually ate off of. very clever, travel plates are always a favortie of mine!

  4. Lol! I love that last Texas "plate"!
    ...and the others are quite beautiful. Very nice collection!

  5. What a great collection; love your plates!

  6. Hi sweet Sue!
    Wow! You are the collecting QUEEN! Your plates are awesome!

  7. I have a few Colorado plates and tea cups! My friend Barb also gave me a plate from the Black Hills of South Dakota!

    I use to buy children's plates thru Avon years ago but lost track!

    Love this post!


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