Frames~Friends and Fickle Time

Which is better...two...click...or three? 
...click...click...and now, three or four?
Now what's the smallest row of letters that you can read?
OMG...the last row... i c a n s e e
Your distance vision has improved.
 That's good news...how can that be...I thought the older you get ... yada yada yada!
Your CATARACTS are thickening.
Walking out of TSO (Texas State Optical) the first thing I said was, "Mama, look how big my shoes are."   Right after that I nearly fell flat on my face stepping off the curb....it suddenly was two feet higher and my shoe laces looked like ropes. 

Holy Cow, everything was gigantic and I felt like heaving!

"Sue, take off the glasses and put them in the case.  You only need them for reading,"  Mama said as she pulled away from the fat curb.

But, mama, I want to wear them all the time.  My friends do.
Really? Cataracts?  Are you sure? 
The older you get....yada yada yada!


  1. My husband has worn glasses since the 4th grade. His latest pair of coke bottles were tri-focals. He just had cataract surgery plus the insertion of whatever that new lens is called, and now he needs glasses only for reading. The irony is the man who was never without glasses now never has them when he needs them. Too funny.

  2. Hi Sue! I did receive a lovely note from Shannon's family. Made my day! I am so grateful my strong willed child inside me insisted I carry out this quilt project. I prayed hard and God answered us! I think the family will forever hold all of us in their hearts. I feel so wonderful about it all and thank you from the very depths of my soul that you participated. You cant find friends like yourself and Suzanne everyday! God Bless You!
    I have woren glasses since the fourth grade! Cat eye shaped sparkly frames back then! I looked like a nerd only a mother could love! LOL! I saw the ye dr. last week. No cataract surgery this year! Yea! But I hear that same story, as you age....yada yada yada!My Sweets had a cataract surgery 2 years ago. He is getting along.
    Love hearing from you and always enjoy your posts! You are A M A Z I N G and I L O V E knowing you! Colorado Hugs from me to you! :)

  3. I've had glasses since the 6th grade. I've needed bi-focals for the last 2 years, but, I'm resisting so far.


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