Romance At The Texas Boarding House

The only kid I knew about was the skinny boy who always wore that oversized sombrero.  He was a hard worker, could throw a loop and took orders from the boss just like the rest of us hands.  He made me real nervous though.  Everytime our eyes met I got kinda jittery. 

Once we were roundin' up some strays and his horse stepped in a gopher hole.  I jumped off my horse to give him a hand seein' as how he'd been pitched off and landed in a prickley pear.  I tell you when our hands touched it was like a bolt of lightening went straight threw me.  We jerked apart like we'd been bit by a rattler.  I could tell he was hurtin' from all the spines as tears were threatening to spill down his face, and all I could think of was comforting him.

continued on.....Tracks of My Texas Ancestors....Courtin'...Buggy's and Buckshot

Howdy Ya'll,
      I hope you enjoy readin' this latest entry in Emma's 1912 Registry of The Texas Boarding House Journal.   I know I sure am having fun writing about the people, places and events based on my Texas Ancestors.  Of course, you realize that the key word here is based.
       If this is your first time reading Emma's Journal, you might want to start with her Introduction and then pick up your readin' with the first Journal entry.  All that is right over there on the SideBar, but I'll go ahead and list it for you right here.
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