Advent Calendar...Nativity Card Collection

May the blessings
of Christmas ~
remain with you
throughout the year.

I received this card from my Sister Connie in the early 1980's.
Of course it came via the US Mail with a 39 cent stamp. (I sometimes keep the envelope, too) Click HERE for a bit of Christmas Stamp History and Trivia.

May the love

of the Christ child

bless your Christmas

and all the days ahead

...and his name shall be called...the Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6

A 'Treasured Christmas Card' from my Mother~In~Law, December 1970.

May His blessings fill your

Christmas day with joy ~

May His love warm your heart

today and always!

"A smile of love glowed from the Holy Child's face and made the crude stable a heavenly place...~B.J.Hoff

Christmas Card from my Mother 1970

May the Joy
and Peace of Christmas
be with you
throughout the New Year!

Sue...CollectInTexas Gal
December 2011

PS...I'm still 'Old School' and love getting cards with stamps. So here's my Christmas Card to You...Stamped! It's the 'Christmas Stamp' from 2005, and I thought a perfect stamp for this 'Advent Calendar Christmas Card Memories Post'. I hope you won't mind making up the 10 cents...in 2005, stamps were 37 cents.

 Oh! Also, I hope you won't mind receiving it via the 'Net'. I'm pretty sure it'll be way late via the USPS...Bless Their Hearts...They 'Kan't Help It' if they're 'Old School',too!


  1. Good idea to send it over the internet - love it. Thanks and Merry Christmas back to you! sandie

  2. Beautiful cards, Sue and I love your stamped Christmas card to all your web friends and family! Merry Christmas to you and yours too.

    I too love cards and letters . . . I am very old school about that. I still send out cards and letters and I like to match my stamps to the occasion! I have all kinds of different stationary and try and make my own cards when time permits. I have a "file" of letters and cards I have received over the years. Each person has their own folder and as I receive mail from that person . . . it gets filed in their folder . . . including card/letter and envelope with stamp too. On the front of the envelope, I write the day I received it and the date I responded. I also have a journal I keep of correspondence I have sent and received! I love going back and re-reading a letter or card. And the stamps are always fun to compare over the years. I know I am pretty bad! But I can totally relate. Christmas cards are big for me, I start mid October to early November! Thank you for sharing such wonderful cards.

  3. Those are lovely cards. I especially love Jesus sleeping with the lambs. I save cards too. I try to limit myself to photo Christmas cards and family cards. It is one way to save signatures of family members, some who are no longer with us. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are lovely cards. Thanks too for picking out a special one for all of us.

  5. Your cards are so lovely! Thank you for the Christmas card over the net...great idea! hugs, Linda

  6. Oh Sue, my mother used to save all her cards, and I keep only the special ones. So I guess you could say "like mother like daughter."~Hugs~Ames


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