What The Heck Is It NOT...MiraMar Mosaic Monday!

What The Heck Is It.....NOT!!!!

It's NOT a Fondue Pot
No forks to spear the Teenie Weenies

It's NOT a Spa for Faries
Sherry at Country Wings would know for sure

It's NOT a Wax Pot
Too hot! Now have a scar on UpperLip

It's NOT a Potpourri Pot
The house smells like burnt bark

It's NOT a Medicine Dispenser
Sorry MizMollye...Sinus' still suffering

On Pink Saturday, I asked the question...What the Heck Is It?

Karen at PomPomsPondering said she would use it for syrup and promptly left to go make pancakes.

That seemed practical for the 1950's. 

Then I compared it to a Syrup Dispenser from about that time.  I hope Karen fixed a 'Short Stack'.

The Numero Uno Answer was......
A Butter Warmer

I'd say that is a good guess for the 1950ish folks who like Cynthia at Beauty and Blessings, likes buttery corn on the cob and LOBSTER.  She's probably not from Texas...the only lobster here is at HEB.

Now, I don't know about Ya'll, but when I melt butter, it comes right out of the Crock and melts in seconds in that NewFangled Gadget called the Microwave.

We all know what would happen if I had put the butter warmerTripod Stand in with the pot. So to test the 20th Century Butter Warmer in the 2010 Warmer,  I placed it on the 21st Century Tripod Plate.

Test a success in 30 seconds!  
Thanks to all the Pinkies who contributed.  Ya'll will be mentioned in the upcoming Publication, 
CollectInTexas Science Journal of WTHeck
'1950's MiraMar Pottery Holdsup to 2010 ButterTest'

All real KitchenGadget Scientist do extensive research!  So, this GRIT Googled MiraMar Pottery. 
In a 'NutShell ButterWarmer' here's what I found...MiraMar Pottery began in 1952 and closed  in the 1970's.  In the twenty something years they produced scads of Retro Pottery. 

Here's some of Their PINK stuff with My Butter Warmer which I am still Researching, as it's not on the WWW until NOW!  I'm gonna be Famous!

First, I'll Publish this Research over at  Mary's Mosaic Monday.

There are some Experts over there in a Jillion different Fields.
Maybe someone will come-up with another use for My discovery.

PS...MrCITexas, an 'InTheBox Thinker', suggested I go to HEB for Lobster.


  1. Yay! I guessed correctly!! May I be your Watson to your SuLock Holmes?!

  2. You Texas girls are all so funny! This is a handy little warming pot that is for sure! I too would use if for maple syrup. I would not think it was for butter because you usually dip into butter vs. pouring butter. It could be used for any sauce that needs to be warmed and poured. Thanks for visiting today and I do like technology. Joan @Americana By Candlelight

  3. Oh, I love, love your mosaic! Blessings!

  4. Regardless of what it is... Pink is such a fun color!

  5. Well it is a pleasure to meet a Texas gal!
    I sure hope that you missed out on that
    ((snow)) that Texas recieved this year!
    As a gadget girl..I lOve this little pink butter warmer!Don't we just LoVe our pinks!!

  6. It is definitely a cute little pink thingee.
    I agree with others that it is a butter warmer.


  7. I am not sure I would want that kitty watching me.

  8. I saw the word TEXAS and here I had to come...I think you do have a butter warmer, such a cute lil' thing. Now I have to excuse myself and check out your green glassware and become your follower...I love all the vintage finds and loves.
    God Bless Your Week

  9. I feel sure my mother-in-law had some of that pink pottery. I DO love melted butter on my lobster and crab. I have been eating a lot of fish and shrimp and I am turning into a mermaid.

  10. Your aprons in your Etsy shop are adorable and I love the vintage hankies, too. I sell on Etsy as well, and am always on the lookout for goodies to add to my shop. Happy hunting!

  11. Love your vignette - how unique! Thanks for visiting me and have a great day!

  12. Love all the pinks. The little "whatever it is" is sure a cutie. Hope someone solves your mystery. There must be someone out there that can identify it. Or maybe you'll be famous.

  13. What fun!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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