Seeking Shade in Sunny August

A cool shady spot has been difficult to come by this past July, but here I am in one spot of shade just a few feet from the door of my studio at The Chicken Farm Art Center.  By the way, it's where I've been most everyday in July for most of everyday.  Thank goodness I have an AC that keeps the studio cool. 
   So, now you know the main reason I've once again been an absent blogger. 
Maybe I'll be around more often in August!


  1. Ended of July here in North Idaho shade and being cool seem to be on the hunt for.
    Coffee is on

  2. You also had record low temps. Hey, I read that you are getting a quilt shop again. I hope it is a nice shop.

  3. we have lucked out this summer, but now August has hit with a bang. Stay cool and enjoy your bright cheery place

  4. We nearly reached 90 today - maybe not so hot for you, but kind of hot for us. The area outside your business is lovely!

  5. The studio looks awesome, hope things go well for you and you're back to blogging.

  6. We have too many cool days of late. I love summer and am not ready for fall, but I do like shade when I takes breaks in the yard. Popping round to say hi, hope you're doing well as I make my blog rounds.

  7. Me popping round once again as I make my blog rounds. Been awhile, hope things are going ok for you.


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