Lost My Love of Lace Knitting

Once I realized that knitted lace projects were a test on my 'Last knitting nerve', I scrapped it along with knitting sox.  Not that I don't still love the look of knitted lace shawls, scarves, and other soft, filmy items made from lace weight yarn.  So, the collection of Lace Knitting books and the lovely lace weight yarns are now gracing the shelves of 'The Fiber Center' at Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio.
They certainly make for a pretty display.  I'm hoping they will catch a Knitting Lace Lover's eye so I won't be tempted to put them back in my stash! 
These too! 
They make it look so easy...those 26 Pretty Knits!

1 comment:

  1. sometimes you just have to say "I give". They do look pretty. I'm sure someone will be tempted. Just don't cheer too loudly when it leaves your stand.



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